nanotechnology quotes


"The benefits are spectacular. What worries me is getting there, the speed bumps. It's nice to have pants that repel stains but the stuff that really appeals to people is three to six years away. What happens in between is critical."
David Rejeski, Director, Foresight & Governance Project, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars




"We expect the advances to increase
   exponentially, as with any revolution."
                          -- Steve Petrone, Ph.D. President, Quantum Technologies



"Humans may someday be able to scuttle up walls, scamper across ceilings, and scurry out windows with the agility of a startled gecko in the tropical night—thanks to a new adhesive tape that mimics the lizard's sticky feet."
John Roach, National Geographic News



"Nanotechnology isn't a fad, it's a scientific voyage, and enthusiasm for what's ahead is key."

                                                                  – Michael L Rourke




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